About Me

Hello! My name is Conrad. I write code and make music. Sometimes I write about things I find interesting, or things I think other people might find interesting. It’s nice when those things overlap.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and have a variety of pets. Three cats, three rabbits, three guinea pigs, and one dog.

I’m engaged to a wonderful, talented woman. Together we’re working on a few business ideas, racing to see who makes us rich first.

I’ve been working with software for nearly ten years now, and I’ve got a bit of a resume here on my website. I’m very interested in working with modern JavaScript and Go. I’m also interested in medical technology and machine-to-machine applications. If you’ve got a project in any of these areas and could use an extra set of hands, please do get in touch by emailing me at deoxxa@fknsrs.biz.