I don’t really know how this whole “journal” thing is going to work, but here goes nothing. I’ll try to write as though I don’t have an audience.

Today I woke up feeling mostly okay. I had some physical pain from my bike accident, but it wasn’t too bad. I knew what work I had in front of me, and what meetings I had scheduled - none of it was particularly daunting.

Work wasn’t too bad. I built some new forms, fixed some logic errors, improved some testing tools, answered questions, and attended my meetings. I got through most of them without offending anyone, but when I mentioned the term “order list” and was asked “what does that mean” by the Technical Product Owner, I voiced my concern that some members of our team may be lacking in practical experience with the platform, and that it would behoove them to gather such experience at their soonest opportunity. Except I worded it as “do you seriously not know what I mean when I say ‘order list?’ Have you actually used the application, at all?” - and this didn’t seem to go over too well. One day I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut, just not today.

I talked to Alex about some “new bedroom” antics, mentioned the bike accident pain, and learnt she’d slept poorly. We shared that we’d both had some minor teething issues in adjusting to the new bedroom layout - me missing the remote-controlled lighting, she expecting to see the heater on the wall. A little while later she gave me some updated figures for the hospital stuff, and I called to find out what was going on. It was a familiar situation - a couple of unplanned issues and treatments, some additional costs. I sent a text to Craig, asking him to pay me the money I needed. He did so a little while later. After this, Alex and I spoke briefly through the day, in between my meetings and her hospital proceedings.

My mum sent me a message around 4PM, telling me about a problem she had with the person who was helping her collect her medication, and complaining about Jake failing to help her with anything. I called her and she talked for about 20 minutes without stopping, telling me more details but not really explaining anything. Turns out someone gave her a ride to the chemist, she got her medication, put it in the glovebox, spilled a cup of coffee in the car, and forgot to get her medication when she got out because she was embarrassed. The consequence of this will be that she may have to travel to Cleveland tomorrow to collect her medication from a different chemist. None of this is surprising. Apparently Jake has been no help, as usual. She’s been unwell, but has been trying to keep up with the housework, and he’s complained that she’s been making too much noise while doing so. This is not surprising either.

My meals today have been leftover pasta, crackers with peanut butter, and yet more pasta. Along with store brand diet cola.

That’s pretty much everything.