Mostly quiet day today. Got up in the morning, still got various aches and pains from the bike accident. Thankfully no meetings due to the public holiday. I was going to go out at some point, but the weather never really cleared up for long enough for me to confidently leave the house.

I didn’t make the kind of progress I wanted to with work, but the roadblocks are all with other people now, so it’s not as noticeable. Hopefully I’ll get up early tomorrow and get what I wanted to do done.

I talked to my mum in the afternoon, apparently the issue with her medication didn’t get resolved, and now that it’s a public holiday there was nowhere for her to get her prescription filled without going all the way into the city. She says she called the place that organises her transport, and they gave her a bit of a run-around, not really being very useful. She felt it was some kind of personal thing, I suspect it’s just lazy idiots. It feels bad to not be able to do anything to help - by the time I heard what was going on it was far too late for me to do anything.

I reheated some chilli for dinner. It was spicy.