I worked late last night and ended up missing yesterday’s entry, so I’ll catch up for it now.

Yesterday I spoke to my mum, her medication problems persisted. She did manage to get her medication eventually but she had to walk to the chemist (apparently on a broken or sprained ankle) because she didn’t have a ride. If only someone who lived with her had a car.

This morning I woke up feeling a bit better than the last few days. My jaw pain is now limited only to when I move it - not just a constant throbbing. Progress! My knee still feels numb, but the bone doesn’t hurt so much anymore. My elbow has a scrape on it that keeps breaking open because of where it is, and right now that’s probably the most irritating one.

Lots of internal politics at work today. Apparently we were moved from our current line manager in Wholesale off to a different line manager in IT last night, with the change taking place this morning. This resulted in my wholesale email being disabled, and me being given a new team.telstra address. The same thing happened to Craig. This interrupted my access to a few systems, but was a mild annoyance at worst, technically speaking. It was a clear political play by IT to get us under their control, but someone was a bit too enthusiastic about the whole thing. By giving us no notice, we were forced to cancel the deployment we had scheduled for Friday. This, combined with our projects all being in Telstra Wholesale, was used as leverage to get us back into the wholesale business unit. We’re now working immediately under a company director, which may give us some more leverage if we need anything done.

As a result of our deployment being cancelled and pushed back, we now have two more days to build things. This means that in addition to building the staff interface for the new WBI order structure, I also started on some of the business logic for different modification types. I’d like some of that logic to take the form of a flow chart, like I made for the status calculations. We had a few meetings, they were pretty annoying, I ended up offending people yet again. One day I’ll probably just stop being invited to things.

I cooked some chilli yesterday, so that’s made up the base of my meals today. Chilli with crackers, chilli with cheese, chilli in a bowl with a spoon, all the classics. Tomorrow I’ll find even more ways to incorporate chilli into different meals. It’s saltier than I’d like, so less salt next time.

I’ve had a couple of dill umbels go to seed in the last few days, and have already planted some in jars. Hopefully the rest follow suit over the next few weeks, after which I’ll have a pretty good stockpile of seeds. I can use them to plant a new crop, as seasoning in food, as a source of dill oil for cleaning, or some combination of the three.

I (re)watched an episode of the “Lost Room”. There’s something that makes that series, the “Holder of X” stories, and the Calgary Gideon Keys feel similar to me. Might have something to do with “mundane” magic.

Everything else seems to be pretty calm and quiet right now, which is good.