I’ve missed the past couple of days, but that’s not the end of the world, because not much has happened.

My knee is still quite numb, but there’s basically no pain. I must have bruised the skin pretty bad for it to still be like this. Feeling does seem to be coming back gradually. My face-scrape has mostly healed, but my cheekbone still feels a bit tender. My jaw feels fine aside from when I accidentally open it too wide, or close it at the wrong angle (this happens a lot when I yawn or cough). I think I’m mostly better. Of course now I have a tooth ache to deal with. Ah well.

Friday was a busy day with work - more arguments about what everyone’s roles are. I had a bit of a back-and-forth situation with the work I was asked to complete by the end of the day, but I did end up getting it all done, even if the deadline was tight. The justification for that deadline was that Infosys needed to start testing ASAP, which is a reasonable thing to ask for… except that they didn’t do it. I worked hard and completed all the features by 5PM, but then there was no activity on the system. Hooray. I ended up asking in the team chat what the status of the testing was, and I got a reply from Prasanjeet saying they were working on it. They were not, and this annoyed me.

On Saturday I did some more digging in the audit log to better analyse Infosys’s activity, and I built a feature to track UI actions. Right now it’s just navigation events, link clicks, and button clicks. This will be useful for users who want to submit feedback, and for diagnosing issues, but the main thing I like about it is that it lets me keep track of who is using the application, when, and what they’re doing. This will allow me to gather a large body of evidence to show when Infosys is working on the system, and whether or not they’re testing things in detail.

Today I’ve been working on migration scripts for the deployment - this took quite a bit longer to put together than I expected. I’m glad I didn’t leave it to the day of the deployment like I usually would.

I got some seeds in the mail at some point - heirloom tomatoes, onions, beets, radishes, and “cat grass”. Apparently you can grow the cat grass in a pot, and give it to the cats to chew on every now and then. I’ll probably make a few and keep them in rotation so the cats always have some ready to go. More dill seeds have dried out, and I’ve got a pretty healthy collection of them now. It’ll be fun to dig up the root for the big plant out the side - it should be quite tasty!

I’ve been making my way through the chilli I made the other day - it’s been great in pasta. I had chicken Kiev last night on a whim, which would probably have been better if I hadn’t burnt it. The butter was under-seasoned for my liking, so I think I’ll try making my own next time.

I finally got through all the dishes today. It’s always nice to see that there are no dirty dishes piled up.

I saw that my “Hot Dog Stand” theme was removed from Serenity - a little bit disappointing, but understandable given that I hadn’t kept it up to date. Maybe if I get it back into working order, it’ll be accepted back in.

I cleaned the guinea pig’s hutch today, she seemed quite happy with that. It’s hard to tell with her, but she did make her chirping sound when I put her back in after filling it with fresh bedding. I think that’s a good thing.

I finished listening to the Calgary Gideon Keys stories today, while I was waiting for my migration scripts to run. It’s a very interesting take on the “modern magic” concept.