I’ve missed a few days, but nothing much has happened. All the same problems at work, all the same kinds of activities. The only big differences are that we convinced the Infosys people to stop trying to build a local development environment, and we managed to hand-hold them through their first reverse knowledge transfer session.

It’s the weekend tomorrow, and I plan to do some cleaning. I’m on top of the laundry and the dishes, so I’ll move onto something else. Not sure what yet - I’ll choose whatever jumps out at me, which hopefully will mean I’ll actually do it. I think if I try to plan something specific (e.g. “clean the floors”), I’ll just find a reason to put it off. I don’t think I’ll be able to find a reason to put everything off though.

I went to Savers last night with Alex - I got a book, a remote controlled car, a Winnie the Pooh cup/plate set, and a book. Alex got some clothes, a couple of books, and some assorted things. Savers is always a good time. Afterwards we got food from the kebab place. Unfortunately she was called back to the hospital, so our evening was cut short, but we should be able to pick things up after the weekend. I didn’t finish my food last night, so I ate it for lunch today.

I think I’d like to read a bit of the book I got this weekend. It’s called “Jim Davis,” and it’s written by John Masefield. It was originally published in 1911, and it’s about pirates.

I haven’t planted any of my seeds yet, and it seems like the dill seeds I tried to germinate have failed. The medium seems to have developed some kind of fungus. I might try with some dirt - it seems less likely to become contaminated.