Objectively speaking, today has been good. I woke up at a reasonable time, got some work done, went out to the supermarket, got some more work done, spent some time on internet things, then did some cleaning. I should be happy about this, but I’m actually just frustrated. This feeling of frustration tends to be where I get the most work done though, so maybe I’ll just try to hang onto it.

I started splitting up some parts of the MSH codebase that have been getting in my way for a while, and I think I’ll try to finish that up tomorrow. Taking inspiration from the AWS library, I’ve extended apigen to create interface files for our existing models, an API skeleton proxy, and implementation files to fill the gap between the two with a registration mechanism called via package-level init() functions. It’s not quite working yet but it seems like the right direction.

I cooked some chilli, and it’s turned out well. Less spicy than usual. I also made a hamburger.

I saw a post on /b/ for some stupid “swap picture” website. The idea is that you upload a picture, and you see a picture that someone else has recently uploaded. I have no interest in seeing what other people have uploaded, but I do like the idea of being able to feed infographics to random strangers. I characterised this system, determining that it sends one of several recently uploaded images in reply to any upload, and once those images have been exhausted it sends the most recent over and over again. I wrote a program to upload images in a loop, with a simple exponential backoff upon detection of the stable state, and have pointed it at a dump of redpill images. I hope it’s working.

I cleaned the bathroom a bit, meeting my goal from yesterday. Congratulations, me - this brings me all the way from “doing nothing at all” to “doing a bit more than nothing, but still less than most people”. This is progress, but I hesitate to call it success.

I listened to the “doomer music for /nightwalks/” mix while I was cleaning. Apparently it’s been removed from YouTube, and memory-holed from the internet in general. Not sure when that happened, but it’s not surprising - this is why I downloaded it in the first place. I’m not sure many people would call it a motivational mix, but it worked for me. Morrissey had a heck of a voice back when The Smiths were together.

I haven’t read any of my book yet, but I guess that will be tomorrow.