I’m very late with writing this entry. The last week or so has been quite busy, but overall productive. There have been a couple of difficult days, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Melbourne went into a 5-day “circuit breaker” lockdown on Friday, which is due to end tomorrow night - we’ll see how that goes. I actually managed to benefit from this though, as through a strange turn of events I ended up taking delivery of a bunch of pre-prepared meals. The quick enactment of the lockdown meant that Alex’s parents couldn’t receive their meal delivery, so they decided to re-route it to me. Mmmmm, food.

I went for a walk last week, a nice long one. Walked down to Newport Park, which is about 2km away. I took a roundabout route there and back though, so it totaled about 5km. My legs hurt a little afterwards, but it was enjoyable. I went for another shorter walk just yesterday and got some driftwood for the guinea pig. She seems to like it.

I’ve got a lot of plants sprouting now. My original dill is going great, I’ve planted some more. I’ve got some “cat grass” planted in a box, some tomato seedlings coming up, some sunflowers around the same point, and several boxes/bottles sprouting the leftover seeds from the guinea pig’s food. She leaves a bunch of seeds behind, I take them out and sprout them, she eats the sprouts. It’s the circle of life.

There have been ups and downs with Alex in and out of hospital, but it’s been relatively calm overall. The operative word there is “relatively” - for most people this week alone would have been pretty intense, but given the things we’ve gotten through already, this hasn’t been too difficult. I’m hoping this trajectory continues and she can be out in the real world for a while soon. I don’t really mind being cooped up, but it’s not for everyone.

I got a couple of Sipeed Lichee Nano boards in the mail the other day that I’m yet to play around with. They’re based on the F1C100S chip from Allwinner, which is a fully-integrated linux-capable ARM9J SoC. Apparently they have CVBS output, so I’m thinking I’ll hook one up to a TV and display some kind of retro-futuristic technical information. Maybe dig up my cweather project and make that happen. If I can get something cool running on them, I’ll probably order some bare F1C200S chips from China - they go for about $1 each in single units, and it seems like a good chip to have on hand. Who knows when they’ll cease production or get bought up by some small manufacturer.

I’ve managed to stay on top of the dishes, the laundry, and the bathroom. I’m slowly developing domestic superiority. Watch out, world. I also cleaned the stove. Tomorrow I should probably vacuum. Tangentially, “vacuum” is one of those words I never spell right on the first try. I always think there’s supposed to be a double “c” in there and I have to look it up. Somehow I do the exact opposite thing with the word “accommodation,” thinking I’ve used too many double letters.

I watched Blade Runner 2049 the other day - it was really good! I didn’t realise that was where the doomer -> bloomer hologram scene was taken from, but it makes sense. I enjoyed it a lot more than the original. I know the original movie was breaking new ground, doing stuff nobody had done before, but I really just didn’t find the story to be that compelling. 2049 had a much more engaging story, I think.

I haven’t read much of my book yet, so I’m behind on that. I should try to read some tomorrow if I have the time. I have read a lot of /x/ posts though, which kind of count for reading.