Rabid Sloth:

Elvis I came here in regards to a comment you made on a video about Terry the creator of Temple OS. A lot of people want to know what Terry was like before his mental illness, and what the strategy is that he taught you to win strategy games.

In regards to this video, I’m a metal head myself. Rock on.

Elvis Hogjaw:

Terry was the smartest person i’ve ever met, and i’ve known some very smart people. We used to play axis and allies, but Terry played it on a level taken to the extreme. he had a board set up in his parents RV so the game could be played for weeks on end, attacking with units in the hundreds, vs 2 or 3.

I watched him create a vivid DND fantasy gaming world on his computer, the same computer he used to create the temple OS, most likely. It had everything, races, calendar, geography, seasons, it was all mapped out. he even created the world map in ASCII. I used to have a dot matrix printo out of the whole file he had on that world. Gramthal? or something like that.

We were part of a gaming nerd group, we gamed after school, weekends, all the time. We camped, shot guns, played games and had epic conversations. Terry also played drums, he was a big fan of deep purple.. I only saw him play a couple of times.

Terry and I specifically played the game Go quite a bit. I actually soundly beat him once, i’m sure i beat him in other games, but in this one game, i beat the pants off him and i’ve never forgotten how happy i was that day. He didn’t lose games very often, of any sort.

Terry built a .22 bullet trap consisting of a rolled piece of sheet steel, and would shoot the gun in his bedroom and trap the bullet. He also built a small device that would make exploging fireballs in the air, and was known to fire it off in the house as well.

Terry did build pipe bombs, you would call them small now, but we took them out to the agua fria river at Estrella mountains, drop them in the water and detonate them from 100 feet away with the car battery. the water surge on one had to be 60 feet in the air.

Terry was one of a kind. His caustic nature made him, impalatable to most normal people, he also pissed off members of our little group frequently, but since were all friends as young people, you just get past it.

Once Terry started going ot ASU, i lost touch with him. IT is there that things unraveled. I know he got into drugs , but i never saw him do drugs of any kind really, just drink a few beers. I don’t know the full story of what happened.

I have one friend who may have more information. i’ll ask him for a statement.

thanks for stopping by. it means a lot to me that someone out there knows that Terry was not just the thing he became on youtube.

Elvis Hogjaw:

OH, the thing he said about strategy, he said one day,..out of the blue… the essential purpose for all strategy in war, is trying to achieve greater than 1:1 odds, even if that means splitting your smaller force to attack a larger force, or flanking from the side. whichever force can achieve fractionally greater than 1:1 odds will have a greater chance of victory in that encounter (not necessarily the whole war or the whole battle) . so if you look at some of these odd strategies that seem ridiculous, the ones were you can get the odds eve slightly greater than 1:1 will give you the advantage. just another part of the mystery of Terry and his mastery of strategies.

Rabid Sloth:

That was a greatly detailed response man I really appreciate it. If your friend that you mentioned has any other knowledge to share about Terry feel free to post it back here.

Also, from what I have seen recently a lot of people really respect Terry for the EXTREME dedication and knowledge it takes to build an OS by yourself. There is even a subreddit group r/TempleOS, if you search that, you will see that he has an active fan base!

I’ve only delved into his content recently and I can say without question he was probably one of the smartest dudes to ever live.